Gary Watt's Dodge Dakota Pickup

Gary's Dodge pickup ready to leave for the body shop.

Roll cage installed and shocks mounted Floor bracing and driveshaft safety hoop installed

Floor, tunnel, seats, dash and steering installed Box braces, tailgate mounts, fuel tank and battery mounts being fabricated 

23 separate and easily removable panels make up the box.  Remove 2 quick release pins and 4 dzus fasteners and the box side slides off for easy access to the tires. 

Installing the engine after the body was together presented a problem. Modifying the rad cradle to allow the center to be removable became the logical solution, allowing the engine and trans to be slipped in almost flat Front fenders installed with inner fenders,  rad cradle and grill in place

Gary's paint scheme looks very good and is sure to turn a lot of heads as he drives down the road